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Working with us.

Working with us – we would love to hear from you and what your next mission or adventure will be. It is difficult for us to support everyone but we do our best. Please drop us a line explaining who you are, what you’re about and what you plan on doing. The more detail the better. It doesn’t have to the furthest or highest it may be some totally unique or different!

Please note that we receive lots of emails so we can only pick the ones that stand out. It is a two way thing for us here at Change Robe, we need to get something back from the arrangement as well so please consider this when making the application. It doesn’t have to be the longest or hardest route but it does have to be different and original. Why should we pick you over someone else? We will also be looking at what you have done in the past as well as what you plan to do!

Writing a blog, regular social posts, great photos etc all helps.  Please email these requests to info@changerobe.com. We look forward to supporting your next adventure!

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