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Size Chart

Getting the right robe

We sell two types of Robes, long sleeve and short sleeve.

Which Size? Our robes are measured by your height first and then width. So as a rough guide, 5’6 then go for a SMALL. 5’8 is a MEDIUM and 6ft is a LARGE. 6’2 and over then go for XL.

If you need extra width then simply size up but just check the robe length as you wont want it on the floor.

How to choose the correct robe?

Next Step – what will you are using your Change Robe for? They can be used for more things than you can probably imagine, ranging from watching touchline sports, walking the dog, camping or throwing it on after a surf session.

The short sleeved robes are used by people who want to throw it over their sports gear to keep warm just before getting changed. These can be used by mountain bikers, swimmers, runners or even worn at festivals. They can also be worn to drive home, keeping you warm and your car clean. The long sleeve version will also be great for this but may not be necessary.

The long sleeve versions are for people who are going to standing around in the outdoors for longer periods, maybe watching a rugby match, camping trips etc. The longer sleeves will give your arms protection making your entire body warmer. 

The shorter sleeve robes are better if it’s to be used by the whole family. Maybe you want to keep one in the boot of the car and take it in turns to get changed.